The world is obsessed with labels and genres.

We never wanted to 'be' any of them - we just want to celebrate all that we 'are'. We write songs with deliberate polarity. Mixing glorious joy and brutal social commentary. We are holding up a mirror to ourselves and inviting the world to look into our eyes, to see our truths… And maybe discover some of their own.

Two years ago we were writing lyrics designed to make people react. They were cries for help and calls for increased social awareness. We got people’s attention and hit emotional nerves. We had relative success, being invited to perform at a The Powerhouse - the Iconic Metropolis Studios in London, and playing a string of strong support slots.

Something was bugging us though - we needed the music to match the words. We needed to branch out from our acoustic shell. Slowly and delicately we built the band. Adding incredible musicians and developing that invisible 'thing' that makes the hairs on your neck prick up.

From that first practice when all five members just locked in - we knew we had it. That creative energy is priceless, it's infectious and beautifully imperfect by design.